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Sexual Function and Herbs

Posted by DrVims Admin on
Sexual Function and Herbs

Sexual Function & Herbs  

In this episode of the Power Plant Podcast, we talk about sexual function as well as herbs and extracts that can help with things like a lack of desire. However, we also talk about the fact that sexual dysfunction affects 43% of women and 33% of men, but we only really ever see advertisements for treatment options for men dealing with sexual dysfunction. We look at the underlying cause of the lack of desire VS only looking at the physical function of sex.  

We also talk about herbs that can help with certain symptoms like stress, anxiety, depression, and low energy levels which are common causes of a lack of sexual desire.


Adrenal Formulas & Teas 






In this episode, we also take calls from Jenn in Buffalo, NY who is looking for suggestions for dealing with low estrogen levels, menopause, as well as a lack of desire to have sex. We also speak with William regarding his concerns about erectile dysfunction that he feels is linked to stress. We offer natural suggestions for some of these very commonly seen sexual dysfunction issues.

If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, or low energy that may be triggering some of your sexual dysfunction symptoms, tune in to today’s informative podcast. We offer natural alternatives to certain commonly used medications and provide some insight as to why you may be suffering with some of these issues to begin with.


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