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PTSD & Trauma

Posted by DrVims Admin on
PTSD & Trauma

PTSD & Trauma    

In this episode of the Power Plant Podcast, we talk about PTSD and trauma. We have special guest, David Field on our show today who is a Trauma Therapist in training. David went through his own traumatic event that lead to depression and PTSD which led him to want to go back to school to become a trauma therapist.

We talk about the brain and PTSD, as well as just how important healthy fats are for the brain and the nervous system. We also go into how Lion’s Mane, a medicinal mushroom can be very beneficial for the nervous system and the brain as well as adaptogens to help the body respond to stress.


Adrenal Formulas & Teas 






We also chat with David about addressing stress by softening the body instead of tensing which often creates a snowball effect, and also the importance of staying present.

Tune into this special podcast episode to learn about ways to manage PTSD and trauma through natural approaches to support the brain and the nervous system.



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