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Good Supplements VS Bad Supplements

Posted by DrVims Admin on
Good Supplements VS Bad Supplements

Good Supplements VS Bad Supplements    


In today’s episode of The Power Plant Podcast we dive into the differences between good supplements and bad supplements. This is such an important topic because there are countless ingredients we need to watch out for, and marketing can make a supplement appear healthy when it reality it really isn’t. Not only that, but some supplement companies may use cheaper ingredients to save the company manufacturing costs, but the end product isn’t necessarily as effective as a higher quality product.

We will cover what you need to know to become an expert when it comes to finding a high-quality supplement by going over exactly what you need to look for. This includes things like:

·      Choosing supplements that have been made in a GMP facility

·      Companies that use high quality trademark extracts that are also backed by    human clinical trials

·      Choose products that use high-quality packaging

·      Choose reputable brands


    Adrenal Formulas & Teas 





    We go into much more detail as to why these things are so important as well as the things you want to avoid when it comes to choosing a supplement.

    If you are wondering if the supplements you take on a daily basis are considered high-quality and contain ingredients that will actually make a difference in your health, tune in to today’s podcast. You’ll walk away being an expert on choosing the best quality supplements available.


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