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Cancer Prevention

Posted by DrVims Admin on
Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention    

In this episode of the Power Plant Podcast, we dive into the topic of cancer prevention. We will talk about the different foods, herbs, and vitamins you can take as well as some mushrooms that have been associated with cancer prevention.

We also dive into the foods you want to avoid as well as chemicals found in foods, and lifestyle habits that may increase your chances of developing cancer. We go over important health factors like having healthy blood cells, getting enough vitamin D, and Zinc, and some adaptogenic herbs that can be very helpful for immune function.  


Adrenal Formulas & Teas 





We take calls from Cathy who has a family history of breast cancer, and Ed who was surrounded by second hand smoke growing up.

Cancer prevention is something that we all should take seriously as there are so many dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors that can put us at a higher risk of developing cancer down the road. Tune in to today’s episode to see what steps you can take to safeguard your health for the future.


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