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What’s the Deal With Bulletproof Coffee? Plus, Swaps and Add-ins

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What’s the Deal With Bulletproof Coffee? Plus, Swaps and Add-ins

Bulletproof coffee is all the buzz right now. Keto and Paleo dieters have made this a regular part of their diet, and athletes are even turning to this new coffee concoction to help boost their energy levels before an event. 

But, what exactly is bulletproof coffee? Let’s take a look at what it is, and how to make swaps or include add-ins to make bulletproof coffee work best for you. 


What is Bulletproof Coffee? 

Bulletproof coffee was designed to be an energy-boosting beverage to help high-performance people. So, whether you are an athlete, a busy parent, or have a job that requires a ton of focus and energy, bulletproof coffee was designed keeping your busy lifestyle in mind.

Traditionally, it’s made with 8-12 ounces of brewed coffee, grass-fed butter, or ghee, and MCT, or Brain Octane oil, from the brand Bulletproof

All the ingredients are blended up for 20-30 seconds to create the ultimate energy-boosting “latte.”  

Here's How to Customize Your Bulletproof Coffee 

While the traditional bulletproof coffee recipes isn’t unhealthy, if you are trying to avoid dairy, there are some swaps you can make to create a dairy-free version. There are also some healthy add-ins that can take your bulletproof coffee to the next level. 

  • Instead of butter or ghee, try using coconut oil. 
  • Try adding in one of our Magnificent Mushrooms Blends like our Brain Blend for an even more powerful brain and energy boost! If you are drinking your bulletproof coffee before an athletic event, you can also try adding in our Athletic Blend

The Bottom Line 

So, there you have it. What you need to know about Bulletproof coffee, who it was traditionally designed for, and how to make it unique to you with your own swaps and add-ins. 

Looking to take your morning cup of coffee up a notch? Consider giving bulletproof coffee a try. 


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