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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care & Celebrate Valentine’s Day a Healthy Way This Year

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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care & Celebrate Valentine’s Day a Healthy Way This Year

Happy Valentine’s Day! There’s no better day than today to show yourself some love with a dose of self-care and to celebrate Valentine’s Day the healthy way! 

Here are five ways to practice self-care today, and throughout the rest of the year. 


5 Ways to Show Yourself Love This Valentine's Day 

#1 Enjoy a Healthy Valentine’s Day Midday Snack 

Instead of snacking on those sugary Valentine’s Day chocolates, try blending up a yummy guilt-free Valentine’s Day Shake. Blend together some unsweetened almond milk, raw cacao powder, frozen strawberries, and a drizzle of raw honey for a healthy treat. 

#2 Go For an Afternoon Walk

Get the body moving today by going for a brisk walk! Too cold outside? Roll out the mat and do some yoga indoors. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something to move your body today. 

#3 Meditate 

Today, take some time out to just be present and meditate. Even if it’s just two minutes, meditation is a wonderful way to practice self-care by helping reduce stress and to help you feel a bit more grounded in your busy day. 

#4 Show Your Heart Some Love

What better day of the year than today to focus on showing your heart some love? And, with February being heart health month, take a look at our post of how to show your heart some love this month and all year long. 

#5 Do One Thing That Makes You Feel Your Best 

Give yourself the gift of self-love today by doing one thing that makes you feel your best! Love art and need a creative outlet? Why not sign yourself up for a class? Love fitness? Try going to a new fitness class. Celebrate the day of love by doing something for you to help feel your best and be the best version of you. 

Take a Healthy Approach to Valentine’s Day This Year

If you’re looking for a healthy way to celebrate the day of love, use these five hacks. Make today the day you commit to celebrating you and practicing regular self-care. It may be what you need to feel your best this year! 


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