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3 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness Daily

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3 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness Daily

With the stress of day to day life, trying to find ways to practice mindfulness throughout our day can be a valuable tool to help us re-center, and it may even help us feel more productive as we work through our daily to-dos. 

But, mindfulness is often viewed as something that’s difficult to practice or requires additional time to set aside each day. 

Good news, you can practice mindfulness without having to carve out any extra time in your day, and we’re showing you how. 


3 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness Daily 

#1 During Breakfast or Lunch 

While you’re sitting down for breakfast or lunch, just be present in the moment, focusing on eating and that’s all. Being present in the moment during one meal of the day is a great way to practice being mindful and may make it easier to use during other busy parts of your day. 

#2 Think About How You Want Your Day to Go 

After practicing mindfulness during breakfast, think about how you want your day to go. Set an intention for that day. Check-in with yourself throughout the day, taking a deep breath and reminding yourself of the intention you set when things get tense or stressful. 

#3 Stop & Evaluate Your Breathe At Least 3 Times Per Day 

For many of us, the stress during the days makes us tense and many of us may even find we hold our breathe when we’re stressed out. Start today by stopping and just being mindful of how you are breathing when you are feeling stressed out. Then, take a few deep breaths and just acknowledge the tension you may be feeling without judgment — viola, you just practiced mindfulness! 

Use Mindfulness As a Powerful Tool to Help You Conquer Each Day 

It’s easy to become stressed out and overwhelmed with everything we all have going on each day. But, mindfulness is a free tool we all have access to and may help you power through your day with a bit more ease. So, give it a try — it may make a huge different in how you go about your day. 


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