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3 Reasons Why Getting Outside Daily is Good For Our Health

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3 Reasons Why Getting Outside Daily is Good For Our Health

With cooler weather upon us, you may be looking forward to getting outside more often, and turns out, it may actually be more beneficial for our overall health than we think. Research suggests that getting outside in the fresh air daily comes with some benefits we can’t ignore. 

Here are three reasons to consider getting outside each day. 


3 Reasons to Get Outside Daily 

#1 Helps Encourage Exercise 

Getting outside in the fresh air each day is a great excuse to a get a little movement in too — it may give us that added motivation to get out for a brisk walk or even bring our yoga mat out into the yard for some stretching or meditation. 

#2 May Help Combat Stress

Research has also shown that being outside in nature may help ease feelings of stress. So, try to take a break in the middle of your busy day to just get outside in the fresh air, even if you can only squeeze in a 15-minute walk. It may make all the difference in helping you recenter before returning to your busy to-do list. 

#3 Get Outside to Soak in Some Vitamin D 

Getting outside each day is also a great way to soak in some vitamin D, aka the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is important for bone health, our overall energy, and mood. So, consider a daily dose of fresh air part of your wellness routine. 

Enjoy The Cooler Temperatures Outside  

As the weather starts to get cooler and the beauty of fall really encourages all of us to get outside, consider using this as just another reason to breathe in some fresh air as often as possible. 

Start your day with a brisk walk, take a walking lunch break, or just sit outside and drink your morning tea while soaking in some vitamin D. Your mind and body will thank you! 


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