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How to Make Plant-Based Pizza That’s Healthy & Delicious

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How to Make Plant-Based Pizza That’s Healthy & Delicious

If Pizza Friday is your favorite night of the week, we have five tips on how to make plant-based pizza that’s not only healthy but absolutely delicious. 

With just a few healthy swaps, pizza night can actually be healthy. 


5 Tips on Making Plant-Based Pizza Healthy & Delicious 

#1 Try Using a Cashew Based Cheese

Instead of dairy-based cheese, you can either make your own by blending up cashews with some water and nutritional yeast or purchase a store-bought option. It’s a tasty and nutritious way to make your pizza dairy-free. 

#2 Use a Veggie as Your Crust

From cauliflower to sweet potato pizza crust, there are so many delicious options to add some extra veggies to pizza night. You can make your own or many stores have veggie-based pizza crusts in the freezer section. 

#3 Top With Plant-based Protein-Rich Foods 

Consider adding some extra protein to your pizza by adding tofu, tempeh, chickpeas, or a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. 

#4 Get Creative With Your Sauce Picks

While traditional pizza sauce will work with your plant-based pizza, you can get creative and switch things up by trying some dairy-free pesto or sticking to cashew cheese sauce and pairing it with plenty of delicious veggie toppings. 

#5 Add Some Flavorful Veggies

To top off your pizza, try adding plenty of flavorful veggies. Some great options include onion, broccoli, bell peppers. They will add a tasty crunch while also packing in some added nutritional value. 

Plant-Based Pizza Can Be Delicious 

Pizza night can be healthy, delicious, and completely plant-based. So, if pizza night is the most popular night of the week in your house, give some of these healthy swaps a try! Not only do they help make pizza night healthier, but you’ll be surprised at just how delicious plant-based swaps can be. 


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