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5 Ways to Add Raw Cacao Nibs to Supercharge Your Winter Recipes

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5 Ways to Add Raw Cacao Nibs to Supercharge Your Winter Recipes

Need another excuse to enjoy some chocolate? We’re sharing five ways you can enjoy chocolate without that side of guilt! In fact, adding some raw cacao nibs to your diet may actually supercharge your diet. 

Raw cacao nibs come with the following health benefits

  • Rich in antioxidants 
  • Great source of magnesium 
  • Rich in dietary fiber 
  • Great source of zinc 

Ready to add some raw cacao nibs to your diet? Here are five healthy ways to enjoy them in some of your favorite winter recipes. 


5 Ways to Enjoy Raw Cacao Nibs This Winter  

#1 Sprinkle Over Coconut Milk Yogurt

If you like enjoying yogurt for breakfast or as a healthy snack, consider enjoying a dairy-free option with a cup of full-fat unsweetened coconut milk yogurt and sprinkle with raw cacao nibs (yum!) 

#2 Add to Smoothies

Add a little chocolate to your daily smoothie! Try blending raw raw cacao nibs into a smoothie with banana, avocado, and raw unsweetened cacao powder for a healthy chocolate chip peppermint shake. 

#3 Sprinkle Over Homemade “Ice Cream” 

You can also make homemade “ice cream” using two frozen bananas with a splash of almond or coconut milk. Top with raw cacao nibs for a healthy and delicious topping. 

#4 Add to Coconut or Almond Flour Pancakes 

Turns out pancakes for breakfast can be healthy! Try swapping out regular flour for almond or coconut flour and mix in some raw unsweetened cacao nibs for a welcome treat. 

#5 Add to Homemade Almond Flour Muffins 

You can also make homemade healthy almond flour muffins and swap out the sugar with coconut sugar and some raw unsweetened cacao nibs for an easy grab and go breakfast treat. 

Enjoy Chocolate The Healthy Way 

If you’re a big chocolate fan, try these healthier ways to enjoy chocolate the healthy way! Plus, raw cacao nibs come with some added health benefits, so you can enjoy that chocolate while still keeping your healthy eating on track. 


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