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5 Last-minute Guilt-free Easter Treat Ideas

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5 Last-minute Guilt-free Easter Treat Ideas

If you’re looking for some last-minute Easter treats, we have you covered! We are rounding up some of our favorite healthier Easter dessert recipes with you today that you can make in a pinch just in time for Easter weekend.


5 Healthier Easter Treat Ideas 


#1 Make Healthier Easter Morning Muffins

Running short on time? You can whip up a batch of healthier muffins for Easter morning using almond flour, coconut sugar, and almond milk. No time to make something from scratch? Pick up a box of Simple Mills Almond Flour cupcakes or muffin mix, and make a super quick coconut whipped cream using full-fat coconut cream and a splash of vanilla extract. Whip until fluffy and serve with the muffins.

#2 Strawberries & Cream

You can’t beat a bowl of fresh strawberries with homemade whipped cream, and you can make this tasty dessert by making homemade coconut whipped cream with full-fat coconut cream and vanilla extract. Enjoy with some sliced berries and top with shredded coconut if desired.

#3 Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Carrot cake is a traditional Easter dessert and can be turned into a guilt-free treat you don’t have to feel bad about enjoying. These carrot cake cupcakes created by Chocolate Covered Katie look like they would be the perfect sweet treat without all of the unhealthy ingredients. If you have kids, this is also a fun one to get them involved in making! 

#4 Chocolate Eggs

Ditch the Cadbury eggs this year, and make something way healthier! These homemade peanut butter eggs are great to add to kids Easter baskets or to bring to an Easter dinner to serve for dessert. These are also created by Chocolate Covered Katie, and look delicious! 

#5 Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Cookies

These no-bake chocolate peanut butter Easter cookies created by Joy Food Sunshine make for an adorable holiday treat that the whole family can enjoy. To make them even more guilt-free, skip the candy in the center, and fill with raw cocoa nibs instead. 

We hope you can enjoy one of these sweet treats and make Easter weekend a tad bit healthier with these healthier dessert ideas. 

Happy Easter from the team at Dr. Vim’s!


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