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3 Ways to Make Your Favorite Sweet Treats Healthier

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3 Ways to Make Your Favorite Sweet Treats Healthier

Looking for ways to make some of your favorite sweet treats healthier? We have you covered. We’re sharing three delicious ways to sweeten those muffins, pancakes, or even homemade cookies without adding any refined sugar. 

The result? A healthier treat you can feel good about enjoying. 


3 Ways to Make Your Favorite Sweet Treats Healthier With Natural Sweeteners 

#1 Pure Maple Syrup 

Maple syrup makes a great refined sugar swap as it’s naturally sweet and actually comes with some added minerals and antioxidants, making it a great way to naturally sweeten your favorite sweet treat recipes. 

Just be sure to stick to the pure maple syrup varieties! 

#2 Maple Sugar

Speaking of maple syrup, you can also try maple sugar, a granulated sweetener that has a similar consistency and texture to sugar, making it an easy swap. 

#3 A Super Ripe Banana 

Have some overripe bananas on hand? They make the perfect natural sweetener! Simply mash them up and add them to muffins, cookies, or even brownies for added natural sweetness that comes with a healthy dose of fiber too. 

Sweeten Things Up The Healthy Way 

Adding that touch of sweetness to some of your favorite recipes doesn’t mean that you have to add loads of sugar. Try one of these natural sweetener options for a healthy way to enjoy that cookie because healthy eating can be delicious! 


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